Schneider’s Energy Management Platform Works with Portfolio Manager

February 24, 2014 by Linda Hardesty

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Schneider Energy ManageSchneider Electric has upgraded its energy management platform to automate data exchange with Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager.

Schneider’s new Energy Star Link is an enhancement in its data management platform, StruxureWare Resource Advisor. Energy Star Link streamlines the data exchange between Resource Advisor and Portfolio Manager to ensure data integrity in both platforms and eliminate the need for clients to manually re-enter data in Portfolio Manager. This module also helps organizations to more effectively benchmark properties across their portfolio and comply with city or state efficiency and reporting guidelines.

Resource Advisor’s Energy Star Link addresses the issue of data integrity with a number of features, including:

  • Users’ monthly energy consumption data is extracted from their energy invoices, warehoused in Resource Advisor and automatically exchanged with Portfolio Manager, reducing human error.
  • Scores are continually updated and available any time.
  • Energy data is audited and verified in Resource Advisor ensuring the data shared with Portfolio Manager is accurate.
  • Energy Star Link aggregates site-level data into a single dashboard.